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The Chosen Vessel Series was birthed from a desire to ascertain the roots of Christianity in Africa. A majority of church history focuses on the development of Christianity in Europe and Asia. Most Christian stories that are not documented are shrouded in tradition. Most of these stories center primarily on the churches indigenous to Rome, Palestine, Macedonia and Asia. Relatively little is known about the churches birth in Africa during the first century A.D.


There are many individuals who are unaware of the true origins of Christianity in Africa. Subsequently, they are like trees without roots, unaware of the African men and women who have stood up and named the name of Christ – long before Africa was colonized by European nations.


I believe that the nuggets of truth embedded in these stories will help people move beyond the popular misconceptions of the African’s initial response to the gospel. Many erroneously assume that Africans were first introduced to Christianity in the 16th century upon their forced arrival in the Americas. Subsequently, many also believe that Islam is the innate religion of Africans in general. Overall, the Chosen Vessel series suggest one view of how the Christian faith touched the lives of thousands of people and forever changed the religious landscape of Africa. A strong emphasis is placed on the difference between the Christian faith and the traditional African religions that dominated the ancient world during that period. It is made clear that only Christ has the power to save, heal, and deliver.


 Throughout the pages of these novels, references are made to ancient Nubian and Egyptian customs. Included with each book is a glossary of terms of ancient Nubian words used throughout the novel. Maps of the principal kingdoms and provinces are also provided.

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