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ISBN: 1-4582-2171
# of pages: 365
Release date: 6/11/18
Publisher: Abbott Press


In AD 323, Axum, the kingdom of Æthiopia, ruled by King Ezanas, glittered as the jewel of Africa. His kingdom, having vanquished the last of his rivals, waxed strong and prospered. However, as one conflict abates, an even greater one arises. Soon, the brash—and passionate—young king finds himself ensnared by the desperate conflict between the Christian gospel of the Messiah and the traditional practices of the kingdom’s idolatrous priesthood.


Forced to choose his path, he discovers that his decision ultimately influences his journey into manhood and determines the fates of both his family and his people.


King of Kings, is the fourth chapter in the Chosen Vessel Series and chronicles the epic spiritual battle King Ezanas wages on behalf of his kingdom whose destiny it is to sustain the torch of the gospel in a darkened land for centuries to come.

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