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Prince of Aethiopa 2020.jpg
ISBN:  978-1458222978
# of pages: 409
Release date: 12/17/2020 (2nd print)
Publisher: Abbott Press

It is 60 A.D. in the Ethiopian kingdom of Axum. Kenyon is a proud young prince who has just returned home to his father's emerging kingdom. Unknown to him, conspiring forces have set in motion a plot that will alter his life forever. Two of the ancient world's greatest powers, the Kushite kingdom of Meroë and the Roman Empire, have once again been set on a collision course that will either draw the two dominions together or plunge the civilized world into a realm of war and death.

When a hostile takeover of the Axumite kingdom prompts an unthinkable tragedy, Kenyon is ultimately sold into slavery in the Roman Empire. In the process, the Ethiopian prince transforms from a brash youth into a determined man as he fights to find his purpose, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Prince of Aethiopia is the third chapter in the Chosen Vessel Series. Laced with romance, intrigue, and drama, the tale transports readers into the heroic struggles faced by the first century church - struggles shared by the young Ethiopian prince as he fights to find his destiny. . .

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