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ISBN: 1-55452-035-5
# of pages: 400
Release date: 5/4/2006
Publisher: Essence Publishing

Shadow of Redemption is the continuation of Vessel of Honor, a novel that presents a fictional account of the Ethiopian chamberlain baptized by Philip in Acts chapter 8. Christian tradition records that the chamberlain (Sahlin Malae), went back to his homeland and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. Vessel of Honor related the traumatic change which Sahlin underwent as he grappled with the convictions that his newly found religion sparked within his heart.


Shadow of Redemption continues the story and focuses on the birth of the first African church. It details how Sahlin and other believers are brought together to build a Christian family in the midst of an idolatrous society ruled by a malevolent queen and administrated by corrupt priests.


Though the small church starts to grow, the enemy eventually launches an attack on it. The queen becomes convinced that she has been selected by the goddess Isis to purge Nubia of all religions which do not glorify her. A brutal spiritual battle for the heart of the Africa kingdom soon erupts. Yet, despite his heartaches, Sahlin finds himself in awe of God's goodness.

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