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ISBN:  080241365X
# of pages: 464
Release date: 1/4/2004
Publisher: Moody Press

In the eighth chapter of the Book of Acts, Luke records the baptism of an Ethiopian chamberlain. Vessel of Honor picks up where Acts 8 left off. Chamberlain Sahlin Malae is in the service of Amanitore, a powerful Ethiopian queen in the First Century A.D. After discovering the long-awaited Messiah, he returns to a kingdom on the verge of destroying itself. Even though he has become a believer, Sahlin craves the power and prestige common to his lineage. Filled with rich history, Vessel of Honor is a compelling portrayal of the inner struggles facing those in the early Ethiopian church.


Sahlin is very wealthy and comes from a long lineage of royal administrators. Though he has become a believer, his main focus in life remains set upon garnering power and building his family’s legacy. Upon his return, he is promoted to the high post of Grand Vizier - one of the most powerful positions in the kingdom. However, like the rich young ruler that faced Jesus, Sahlin must eventually choose which life he will lead.


As a result of his experience in the Judean desert, Sahlin's convictions and outlook on life undergo a subtle transformation. He begins to feel the need to rectify incongruous relationships with business associates and women that he has mistreated. He also finds himself regretting harsh judgments that he made in the past, as well as condemning the ruthless strategies and tactics that his position necessitated him to execute. Due to the change in heart brought about by his encounter with the Lord, he finds himself granting mercy and giving grace. The change is a delight and relief to some, but problematic for others.

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